Chastity FAQs


The Chastity kink is so unique and varied that many people have questions about how it all works and how to properly use chastity devices. We’ve compiled some of the most popular questions into this frequently asked questions to help you improve your knowledge on chastity and have a better overall experience.

How do you measure for a chastity cage?

To measure yourself for a chastity cage you need to measure both the length of your penis and the circumference around the base of your penis and testicles. As these areas can fluctuate significantly in size depending on a number of factors a bit of finesse is involved in getting an accurate measurement. You can read more in our article on measuring yourself for a chastity cage.

How do you choose the right size chastity cage?

Choosing the right size chastity cage is a combination of correctly measuring yourself and your size preference. Whilst most people can fit into a 40-45mm ring and small to medium/standard size card, some will opt for smaller nano, nub or even micro/plate size cages. If you're new to chastity cages or on the larger size down there, consider starting with a standard size cage and go from there. Most chastity enthusiasts end up owning a collection of cages so try a range of sizes to see what fits your needs. 

How do you find the right chastity cage?

To find the right chastity cage you need to balance size, design and material used to make the cage. For those wanting to feel as secure as possible, smaller size cages are popular, likewise metal cages are often chosen. If you're into feminine/sissy style cages then silicone and resin cages are a good choice as they come in a variety of styles and colours including the ever popular pink designs

Where can you buy chastity cages?

The best place to buy a chastity cage is right here at – we’re specialists in all things chastity so whether you’re looking for a chastity cage, chastity belt or any other kind of device we will have the right products for you.

How can you cum while wearing a chastity device?

It is certainly possible for many people to orgasm while wearing a chastity cage. There are a few ways to achieve this:

Stimulation against the cage: many chastity users will hold a vibrator against their cage to provide pleasure which can lead to an orgasm. This is sometimes done in combination with anal stimulation to heighten the experience. 

Anal stimulation: Through sole anal stimulation and the restrictive feeling some chastity users are able to reach ejaculation.

Stimulation through a loose cage: If a cage is not too tight its possible for the cage to cause friction (ideally lubricated) which can cause a pleasurable sensation when repeated to the point of orgasm.  

Should a chastity cage feel tight when being worn?

A properly fitted chastity cage should ideally be firmly in place but not uncomfortable while being worn. Skin contact will generally be present across the cage but not pinching or putting undue stress on any part of your genitals. Whilst some people enjoy the feeling of extremely tight cages, this is down to personal preference than ideal wear. 

What is a Chastity Belt?

A chastity belt is a type of chastity device which is attached via a belt. Belts can be made of a variety of materials from metal, rubberised compounds, leather or leather alternatives. In previous history being used as a means of encouraging chaste behaviour, in modern times chastity belts have become popular for those wanting to feel the significant restriction of being the belt. You can read more in our article about chastity belts

How do you get into chastity?

As the old saying goes - there's no time like the present. If you'd like to get into chastity start by finding a cage or two which you think will fit your needs. From there you can get a picture of the types of chastity you like and if you have a partner you can experiment with the kink. Whether this comes in the form of denial or just 'edging' until you're released, chastity gives you the complete flexibility in doing what works for your personal situation. 

Some find chastity stories interesting, so if reading is your thing there's a huge amount of content available online for this kink.