How to measure yourself for a chastity cage

One of the most important steps when beginning your journey into chastity play is learning how to choose a correctly sized cage. The perfect cage will have a tight fit that prevents erections without cutting off blood flow to the penis, allowing the user to enjoy chastity without experiencing pain, discomfort or injury.

Here are some of our tips for choosing a correctly sized cage.

Understanding Chastity Cages

The chastity cage is comprised of two components: 

  • A ring that goes around the penis and testicles
  • A cage that is worn over the penis and attached to the ring

This might not seem overly important but it provides context for our next tip.

Taking Measurements

It might sound cliché to measure your penis, but how else would you know what size cage to get? You’ll need two different measurements to be able to pick out a cage that fits you properly.

Step 1 - Preparation

The first step of measuring yourself is to make sure you have all the equipment you need ready. To measure yourself you can use a piece of string/fabric along with a ruler. Tape measures may not be the best tool to use if you have difficulty getting it to lay against your body properly.  Use whatever is easiest for you to make measuring simple and more accurate.

Step 2 - Getting Comfortable

The second step is to get in a relaxed, natural state to measure yourself. A hot shower or bath may encourage excess blood flow to the penis, giving you an incorrect measurement. Measuring in the cold will give you an incorrect measurement on the opposite end of the scale. This can result in a purchased cage being too loose, or too tight and potentially dangerous. A good time to measure yourself is when you are completely flaccid, comfortable and in an area where it’s not too hot or cold.

Step 3 - Measure Yourself

The third and final step is taking the measurements. The first measurement will be for the base ring. Measure around the base of your penis and behind the testicles, where the ring would be fitted if you were to wear it. This will provide you with the circumference, which then needs to be divided by pi (approximately 3.14) to give you the diameter.

The second measurement will be for the length of the cage. Measure from the base of your penis to the tip of the head. If you have excess stomach fat, pushing the ruler against your pubic bone will ensure you get an accurate measurement.

A third measurement you can take will be for the diameter of the cage, similar to what you would have done for the base ring. Measure around just the base of the penis, then divide that by pi to get the diameter. This measurement will help if you’re specific about how tight the cage fits on your penis.

No more maths or measuring required, now it’s time to move on to picking the appropriate sizes for your package.

Choosing Your Size

Picking the size of your ring and cage are pretty straightforward, although there’s a slight difference between the two:

  • You want the ring to fit the measurement you took as closely as you can
  • You want the cage to be shorter than the measurement you took, from ¼ inch - ½ inch shorter to get a tight fit
  • You want the cage diameter to fit the measurement you took, or slightly smaller

How Tight Should a Chastity Cage be?

Your chastity cage should fit you just right, and shouldn’t be excessively tight. Using a chastity cage that is too tight can be uncomfortable wear, with the possibility of causing an injury. Aim for a chastity cage that fits you snugly and doesn’t cause discomfort.

Is my Chastity Cage Too Big?

If your chastity cage is too big, it will fit you loosely if at all. Using the measurements you have taken, you will be able to pick a chastity cage that has a base ring that will fit you correctly. If the cage component is too big, your penis may be able to become more erect than it should. If there is a tip at the end for toilet access, you will most likely make a mess as your penis won’t be aligned with the tip of the cage.

Comfortable Chastity Cages

Here are some recommendations for chastity cages to look at depending on what type of cage you’re interested in:

  • Resin: Our Innovative Resin Cage is a great choice for people who struggle with their base rings. The base ring is hinged, allowing you to easily put it on without having to push your penis and testicles through it.

  • Metal: The Ringmaster Chastity Cage is a comfortable metal cage that has an ergonomic base ring design. The base ring will align better with the contours of your body for a nicer fit.

  • Silicone: Our range of Silicone Chastity Cages are soft, smooth and flexible. This can make them more comfortable to wear than chastity cages in other materials that are more solid.

  • Small: The Gridlock Nub Chastity Cage is a small, lightweight cage. The base rings aren’t perfectly round either, which will fit your body more comfortably.

  • Large: The Birdcage Chastity Cage is designed for showers, so if you have a lot of flaccid penis you should consider this cage. You’ll also get a nice view of everything while you’re wearing it too!

Personal Preference

Our sizing guide is intended to help you get started with chastity, but it is also a general guide. Your personal preferences might go against our guide, which is totally fine. As long as you keep your health and safety in mind, getting a cage that is tighter than what we recommend is okay. Remember that you should never experience pain or discomfort when wearing a chastity cage. If you are looking for a cage to wear long-term, we suggest wearing it during the day while paying attention to any changes such as discolouration, loss of sensation or bad odour to ensure that the cage fits properly.