Hi, I'm Alison. Welcome to my store!

Alison holding chastity cage in her hand infront of PC


I started Chastity Cage Australia after enjoying the chastity lifestyle for a little over a year and being tired of dealing with overseas stores sending me the wrong products, low quality cages and awful packaging. Wanting to change things up I took it upon myself to start a local chastity store which focused on quality, affordable prices and FAST shipping through Australia Post. Since then this has grown into my full time job helping my fellow chastity users with buying their next cage. They never said that was an option at career day...

I'm always on the look out for new designs and styles, colours and materials to add to the store (and my own collection!) - if you see anything we don't currently stock that you'd like just let me know. 

So whether you're looking for your first cage or your next in your collection, I hope you'll get to experience the Chastity Cage Australia difference!

- Ali ♥