What is a Chastity Belt?

man wearing belt with lock


A chastity belt was originally designed as a wearable device that can be locked, with the intention of preventing sexual intercourse and masturbation. Traditional chastity belts were designed for women, and outside of wearing them for chastity they could also be used to protect women from being sexually assaulted.

Chastity belts have evolved since the past, predominantly being used as a sex to by the BDSM community. Modern designs are also inclusive of males that would like to participate in chastity.

How Does a Chastity Belt Work

A chastity belt has two main components, the first being the waistband and the second being the “shield”. The waistband is self-explanatory as it is just a band that sits around the waist, or hips, and allows you to actually wear the chastity belt. The shield is the band of material that fully covers the genital area, completely preventing physical contact.

Once the belt has been put on, a padlock or similar locking device will be used to prevent the wearer from taking the chastity belt off until they are permitted to do so by their keyholder.

Chastity Belt Differences for Men and Women

Chastity belts were traditionally designed for women, but there are designs that accommodate for male users since chastity belts have been introduced into the BDSM scene.

The only difference in chastity belts for men and women is that men need a hole fitted in the shield to tuck their penis into. This also allows male wearers to use the toilet without having to remove their chastity belt, although this can be dependent on the design of their belt.

black chastity belt

Are Chastity Belts Safe

When practiced correctly, chastity is not dangerous. Using ill-fitting chastity devices can lead to problems when worn for long periods of time. Chastity devices that do not allow you to clean yourself while wearing them should be used with caution over extended periods of time. Make sure you pay attention to what your body is telling you, and take a break from long-term usage if you start to smell something down there or experience pain.

Where to Buy Your Chastity Belt

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