Chastity Cage Rules

locked pink silicone chastity cage with text to right saying "what rules?"

Chastity is an advanced fetish that has been adopted by the BDSM community, so it’s safe to assume that similar rules apply to the submissive partner in the relationship. While there are no strict rules on how to practice chastity properly, setting some up may be beneficial for you and your partner.

How to set rules for chastity

In order to set rules properly and fairly, you will need to communicate with your partner to make sure you are both on the same page. This will allow you and your partner to set rules that are less likely to be broken. Don’t forget to discuss punishments for rule breaking, whether that’s a joint effort or you giving your consent to punishments that your partner decides on.

Once you have both agreed to the rules and boundaries set, you may want to keep a record of it to reference in the future. This could be written down, printed or even turned into a signed contract.

Chastity rule examples

Now is the time to get creative and think of fun rules that you’ll have to follow while locked in chastity. If you’re having trouble thinking of your own rules, here are some examples to get you started:


Setting rules on how long you have to be in chastity for is a good starting point. You may only have to wear your cage for a day or two, or you may get sentenced to a month in chastity. Setting rules about time is also a good opportunity to discuss whether or not you can unlock yourself in certain situations, like taking the cage off to clean it or going to the gym.


Your dom may have the perfect idea in their head of how you should look and what you wear as their sub. By setting rules regarding the colour, material and design of your chastity cage, they will always be able to appreciate looking at your almost naked body.


Even your freedom can be restricted with the addition of some rules. Maybe you won’t be allowed to orgasm, or you can only be unlocked if your hands are tied/cuffed. Setting rules like this turns the unlocking of your cage into false hope, which you and your dom may be interested in doing.

Safety considerations

Don’t get too carried away with the thought of being bound by your new laws. It is important to make sure that you enjoy chastity in a safe and responsible manner, so here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that the chastity cage fits properly, especially if you decide to wear your cage for an extended period of time. Also make sure that you can access the toilet while in chastity too.
  • If you are not permitted to take off your cage to clean it, an alternative is having a second cage that you can put on if you need to take the first one off for hygiene purposes.


Power play is an important part of BDSM, which also applies to chastity play. Creating chastity rules for the submissive to follow will set clear boundaries, with punishments to follow if they break a rule, as well as enhancing the power play aspect of your relationship. Don’t forget to reward your submissive if they are good and follow the rules you set!

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