What is Chastity?

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Chastity traditionally involves abstaining from sexual activity that would be considered immoral according to the state of their life. Chastity in the bedroom is a form of sexual denial which can be practiced either alone or together with a dominant or submissive partner.

Chastity in BDSM

Using chastity cages and belts is more commonly practiced as a form of BDSM, as it gives the dominant (also known as the keyholder) partner extreme control over their sub’s sexual activity and when they are allowed to have an orgasm. Although sexual pleasure can be experienced depending on the chastity device being used, more often than not it leaves the sub at the mercy of their dom.

Chastity belts are physically less restrictive than a cage as the wearer can generally still touch their genitals while wearing the belt, but they also prevent masturbation. Cages prevent sex entirely, but if they are loose then manually stimulating yourself while wearing the cage is possible.

To ensure complete denial, a chastity device that tightly covers the whole genital area is recommended. Chastity devices are also often accompanied by accessories including butt plugs and "slut" collars

Chastity in Feminisation

Chastity cages have become somewhat popular in feminisation. Men who are into sissification and chastity may opt to wear chastity devices that are pink, sparkly or cute in design. As sissies are mostly submissive partners in these scenarios, wearing a chastity cage commonly crosses over with BDSM interests as it encourages both their submissive and effeminate behaviours.

Chastity for Women

Chastity belts follow the traditional “Florentine” design, which includes a band that fits around the waist or hips with a flat band of metal that fits between the legs and completely covers the wearer’s genitals. Modern designs can also include features for sexual fantasies and BDSM use, such as an internal slot that will hold a dildo or vibrator inside the wearer’s vagina that can’t be removed except by their keyholder.

Chastity belts for long-term wear exist, and feature shields that accommodate for the hygienic needs of the wearer so they can use the toilet without having to take off their belt.

Chastity for Men

Men can enjoy the choice of either a chastity belt or a chastity cage. Chastity cages are the more popular option when they are being used as a sex toy for BDSM activities. Modern designs provide many extra customisations for doms and subs out there, like electrostimulation fittings or spiked inserts to further discourage the wearer from having erections.

Most chastity cages are intended for long-term wear, with most cages having an opening at the tip allowing the user to use the toilet without any major issues.

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The Interest Behind Chastity

Chastity is an interesting addition to one’s sexual fantasies, allowing subs to relinquish control of their sexual activity to their dom in a unique way. When used short term, they can increase the intensity of a session where the sub wants to be a little extra submissive, more of a sissy or if the dom just wants to exert their control.

Some users of chastity cages have said that not only do they have an increased sex drive, but that they have better focus on clarity during everyday life. Although these benefits might not be experienced by all users, they are the cherry on top of wearing a cage.