male and female couple in bed laying with eachother


I was laying in bed, grasping my hard cock as I looked for some porn to put on. After finding a video that piqued my interest, I opened the bedside drawer and grabbed the bottle of lube I kept in there.


“Fuck, it’s empty.” I thought to myself, dropping the bottle on the floor. Deciding that some lube would be better than none at all, I spat into my hand and began coating my cock in it. I got into a comfortable, relaxed position and started to stroke myself, watching a pretty blonde girl using her mouth to please another man. Half an hour had passed by pretty quickly, the video had finished and I didn’t even feel like I was close to cumming. I grabbed the remote to look for something else to put on when someone opened my door.


“Really? What the fuck?! I thought you said you were going to take care of this shit. ”The brunette girl that had appeared screamed after taking a single glance at me. Her name was Ava and she was my girlfriend, for now at least.


“Not going to say anything either? This is your last chance, fuck up again and I’m breaking up with you.” She stated, slamming the door shut behind her. I sighed, stuck between the creeping disappointment of letting her down yet again and my unfinished business. I quickly found another video to put on so I could blow my load and then maybe think about fixing things with Ava.


I got into the shower after I had finished jacking off, which helped clear my mind. I threw on some trackies and a hoodie, returning to my room. I turned on the light and was stunned at the state of my room. Empty lube bottles littered the floor, the room smelled strongly of sweat and bad body odour and in general my room was one big mess.


“How is she still with me?” I wondered, not realising how far I had let myself go. At this point I had to admit that I had a problem.


“I have a masturbation addiction.” I whispered to myself. I had finally accepted that I was addicted and that it was starting to ruin my life. I rummaged around my room, finally finding my laptop under a pile of clothes that needed to be washed a long time ago. I started to look up how to fix my masturbation addiction, coming across different articles and lists which mostly said the same thing. I was reading the last article to see if there were any different options that hadn’t been covered before I decided on the solution I would take.


“Wearing a chastity cage, what the hell is that?” I mumbled, reading the last suggestion in the list. Who on earth thought about inventing a device that you wear around your cock and balls to stop you from getting hard, masturbating and having sex? Despite my initial reaction of slight shock, I started to think about using chastity as a solution a bit more.


The idea seemed so crazy to me, insane even. Yet I found myself finding a chastity cage to buy only minutes after. Crazy problems require even crazier solutions, I thought to myself as I scrolled through a catalog of cock cages. I ended up choosing a solid steel cage that you could lock with the press of a button. To unlock it you would need to use the special key that came with it, there would be no way that I could get this thing off without it.


For the next few days, I awaited my order. I was filled with emotions of excitement and a slight bit of anxiety, wondering if it would even work and what my girlfriend would think of the idea. I planned to surprise her by giving her the keys, so she wouldn’t have anything to worry about. Days of checking the order tracking went by until my order had finally arrived. I called Ava and told her she needed to come over and that it was urgent.


She let herself in and I called out to her, telling her to come up to my room.


“What is it?” She asked, wondering what was so important that she had to come over right away. I gestured towards the parcel, telling her to open it.


“I have no idea what this is.” She stated, picking it up to examine it.


“It’s the answer to our problems. Well, my problems. It’s a chastity cage, if I wear it then I’ll be forced to break my habits. I also thought it would be a good idea for you to keep the keys so I can’t take it off, there’s even a hole at the end so I can use the toilet with it on.” I explained my ideas to her, hoping she wouldn’t think I had completely lost it.


At first she thought it was a joke, but after reassuring her that I was serious she started to like the idea.


“So now I won’t have to be disappointed that my boyfriend never wants to have sex because he spends too much time masturbating?” She exclaimed, smiling slightly. I wasn’t a mind reader but she was either turned on by the power she now held over me, or was happy that this metal device could fix our relationship.


We looked up some instructions and safety precautions, deciding that I would be let out twice a week under her supervision to clean the cage and my cock. I exhaled, preparing myself for what seemed like the craziest thing I had done in my life.


We sat around waiting until I was completely soft before Ava guided me with some instructions and tips she had found online. The first thing I had to do was put a ring over my cock and balls. The next step was connecting the cage to the base ring, which would leave my cock safe from my addictive desires. Once it was connected properly, Ava pressed the button on the top of the cage, locking it. We both tried to pull it off to test if it worked properly, which it did.


I was locked in chastity for the first time, it felt surreal. Looking down to see my cock, only to see the sheen of metal. Even the weight of it pulling down my package felt intense, maybe even nice. I started to get turned on, feeling my cock twitch as it started to grow. It struggled to get any harder than a semi, which felt so strange to me. Seeing this must have turned on Ava as she walked over to me, grabbing onto the cage and making out with me. We kissed and cuddled in bed until she needed to leave, which was nice but also had left me feeling quite horny.


It was time for bed and I didn’t know what to do. I was even hornier than I was when Ava was around, how was it going to be possible for me to go to sleep? I thought about watching porn but I realised it would have made my situation even worse after some thought, as well as the fact that I was wearing this cage to break my addictions.


I tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep as my mind constantly focused on my poor cock. I got out of bed and started cleaning up my room to distract myself. An hour passed and I finally started to feel tired, which makes sense seeing how messy my room had become. Going to sleep became easier with every following night, as well as my room looking more respectable.


“Hey, I’ll be over later on to take your cage off. See you soon.” Ava had just texted me, showing up at my place ten minutes later. I told her to close her eyes when we got to my room and that she would be pretty happy with what she saw.


“Oh my God, this was the best idea you’ve ever had!” She exclaimed in excitement after seeing how clean my room was. No more empty lube bottles and unwashed clothes, I also bought a nice diffuser so it actually smelled nice too.


“Let’s go shower, I think someone deserves a reward.” She said, grabbing my hand and leading me to the bathroom. She unlocked my cage and for the first time in four days, my cock was free. I immediately started to get hard as Ava started teasing my cock and balls with her delicate touch.


We got into the shower and Ava started to rub me down with shower gel, stroking my cock until it was rock hard. She then started to clean my cage after I had rinsed off, turning off the shower so we could dry ourselves and get into bed.


My cock was so hard it had almost started to ache, which Ava noticed. She climbed on top of me, slowly lowering herself until my cock was completely inside her.


“Fuck, that feels amazing babe!” I moaned out. Sex always felt good but being locked up for so really intensified the pleasure I was feeling. Ava had only been riding me for a minute when I could start feeling my cum begin to fill my cock.


“Shit, I’m going to cum already!” I grunted out. Feelings of ecstasy surged through my body, causing it to spasm uncontrollably as I felt my cock explode. I had saved up a big load of cum over the last four days, so much that I could physically feel it shooting out of my dick and into Ava.


I collapsed back into the bed, completely spent and exhausted from the intensity of my orgasm. Ava kissed my forehead before getting up, bringing back a wet towel to clean me up with. Once I was clean, she started to put the chastity cage back on me.


“What are you doing Ava?”

“This went so well babe, did you really think it was a one time thing? I think you’re going to be wearing this for the rest of your life,” She replied, shooting a devilish grin at me. I was too tired to fight back and seconds later my cock was locked up once more.


“You’re going to be the perfect boyfriend for me and it’s all thanks to this.” She whispered in my ear while she ran a finger down my chastity cage, making sure to tease my balls and the exposed tip of my cock.


We cuddled in bed together, with Ava falling asleep first. I was drifting in and out of consciousness and all I could think of was my cock being locked up for the rest of my life. I loved Ava and wearing a cock cage had made her so happy in just four days, as well as the sex being the best I had ever had in my life. I finally started to sleep, smiling at my final thoughts of permanent chastity.

Author: Alison ♥

Ava locked her boyfriend up in a Top Lock Chastity Cage, one of the most popular devices on Chastity Cage Australia. I'm sure they'll be building their own collection of cages before long.