Permanent Chastity – How to successfully stay locked up

Perhaps you and your partner are thinking of maintaining permanent chastity but are wondering about how to successfully stay locked up and if there’s anything to be concerned about. For those interested in permanent chastity, there are no issues with staying locked up if you practice proper hygiene.

Forced chastity is a practice that has been in existence for a long time. This article will give you some tips on how to stay successfully locked up. 

locked pink chastity cage


Staying locked up successfully depends on a few different factors. You enjoy staying permanently locked in chastity if you follow these tips:

Get a cage that is properly sized

If you are going to be wearing a chastity cage permanently, you have to get one that fits you. A cage that pinches you or is too tight is not fit for wear long term. Taking appropriate measurements and getting the right size for you is the first thing you should do. You may find a cage and think that it is perfect for you, sometimes this isn’t always the case unfortunately.

It is recommended to work and walk around with the cage to see how well it fits. You should wear it for some time and observe how you feel. If it feels right and you are comfortable in it, you know you have found the right one for you.

Furthermore, purposefully choosing to use a cage that is smaller will not do you any favours. Contrary to belief that a small cage will help prevent your erection better, it does not improve your self-control. Instead, it will be uncomfortable for you and you might want to take it off immediately.

A cage that is too small can threaten your sexual health by blocking blood flow to your penis. If the cage is too long, it will not fit perfectly with the urethra. When you use the toilet, you will make a big mess because your penis isn’t being held in place by the cage. This can result in you staining your cage and clothes with urine, which will create bad odour and a breeding ground for bacteria. You can avoid this by getting a cage that fits properly, as it will provide you with long-term comfort and prevent health and hygiene issues.

Maintaining a clean cage

Since your penis will be staying in the cage permanently, it makes sense to always keep it clean. To maintain a clean cage, you will have to wash it often. You can use cotton buds to get to hidden areas that you cannot reach easily. To get to every area of the cage, you can also use a high pressure shower head to clean your cage. 

Don’t forget to wash your penis as well as your cage, using a gentle soap to avoid irritation. Ensure that the cage and your penis are dry before locking yourself up again. Excess moisture may feel uncomfortable, and could cause bad odour to build up in your cage.

A clean cage has multiple benefits, besides preventing bad odour and bacteria from building up. A clean cage will not irritate your skin, which prevents you from getting rashes or anything worse. If you want to be locked up permanently, keeping your cage clean is vital.

You should create and maintain a cleaning routine for when you need to take your cage off. With the cage off, you have the opportunity to clean your cage and your cock thoroughly. Shaving during this time is a good idea, as long pubic hairs may get caught or pinched by your cage when you put it on and while you’re locked up.

metal chastity cage disassembled

Ensure the cage is comfortable

You can use lubricants to comfortably put on your cage if you need help. Using water based lubricants or baby oils are recommended to assist with putting the cage on. When you are putting it on for the first time, you will probably need to use lube to get the cage to fit comfortably. As you get used to putting on your cage and being locked in chastity, you may not need to use lube anymore.

Take off the cage after a few days to clean everything and check up on your body. When you take off the cage, examine your penis and testicles for bruises or red marks. If you notice anything strange, visit your doctor to make sure there are no issues. Being able to visit your doctor for check-ups is important for being locked up permanently and safely.

Chastity cages come in a variety of styles and materials so if you find one type uncomfortable you can consider other options. You may want to consider a flexible silicone cage if you find solid cages difficult to wear long term. Likewise others will prefer more solid materials like metal - it comes down to personal preference and what suits your body. 


With some extra tips, you can successfully stay locked permanently.

Communicate with your partner

If you have a partner, you will both have to make the decision for you to be locked in permanent chastity. You will both have to make sure you are on the same page and what permanent chastity will mean for you and the relationship. As long as you and your partner communicate and are in agreement with the terms of your chastity, you can remain permanently locked up without it affecting the relationship negatively.

Handle the cage with care

Handle your cage with care to prevent hurting your testicles and penis. If you are using a silicone cage, do not try to snap or bend it while you are wearing it. If you are using a steel cage with open spaces, don’t try to handle your penis through the gaps as you may end up hurting yourself. If you really need to and have the permission of your keyholder, take the cage off carefully instead of trying to break out of the cage.

Get a base ring that fits

A back ring and cage that are too small will impact blood flow and affect you negatively. If the back ring is too small it can also cause discoloration. For the long term, you need something that fits well and sits will.

A base ring that is too small will prevent blood flow from reaching your penis which can be dangerous if left for too long. This can also cause discolouration, which is a clear indication that you need a larger ring size and a check-up with your doctor. For long-term wear you need a base ring that is tight enough to fit you properly without the risk of injury.

Staying permanently locked in chastity is achievable if you prepare for it properly. Getting a correctly sized cage and base ring and maintaining a clean cage is necessary for those who want to be locked up permanently.

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