How to Put on a Silicone Chastity Cage

an assembled pink silicone chastity cage on the left with text on the right saying "It's easier than you think!"

Chastity cages come in different materials including metal, resin, 3D-printed and silicone. This article will be focusing on silicone cages and how to put them on properly.

What is a silicone chastity cage?

A silicone chastity cage is exactly what it sounds like, a chastity cage that has been made using silicone. Using silicone has its benefits over the materials, such as:

  • Silicone is softer than the other materials
  • Silicone is more flexible than the other materials, making it easier to put on and more comfortable
  • Silicone is lightweight, you may even forget that you’re wearing it after a while
  • Silicone cages are readily available in a wide range of colours

How to put on your silicone chastity cage

Before we get into the process of putting on a chastity cage, let’s talk about the different components of a chastity cage.

Base ring

The base ring is fitted over your penis and testicles. This gives your cage something to attach to, which will then keep your balls in place and prevent you from removing the cage without the key. The base ring needs to be assembled, using pins to connect the separate parts.


The cage fits over your penis and connects to the base ring, which is then locked to keep it attached. It resembles the shaft and head of a penis, with a tip at the end to let the wearer use the toilet while locked in chastity.

Now that you know more about the components of a chastity cage, let’s go through how to put one on.

  • You will firstly need to assemble your base ring. You can pre-assemble your base ring, or assemble it around your penis and testicles. If you choose to pre-assemble your base ring, you will then need to push your penis and testicles through the ring.
  • Once you have the base ring on, fit the cage over your penis and connect it to the base ring.
  • Put the lock on and enjoy your time in chastity!


Tips for putting your silicone chastity cage on

Time is of the essence, as the more you mess around putting it on the more likely you are to start becoming erect. This can make putting your chastity cage on uncomfortable, or impossible. If you start to become too erect, take everything off and take a break until you have calmed down and then try again.

If you are having trouble fitting the cage over your penis, you can use lube or baby powder to make the cage easier to put on. If you use lube, opt for a water based lube as they will dry up. Using long lasting lubes will make your cage slippery until they dry up, which can take hours.

Looking after your silicone chastity cage

It is important to take proper care of your silicone chastity cage. Cleaning your cage can usually be done with soap and water, but you can also use toy cleaner or boiling water to disinfect it. Cleaning your cage will make it safe to wear by preventing the build-up of bad smells and bacteria.


Like all other chastity cages, you will need to make sure you purchase one that can fit you properly. For more information about how to measure yourself properly, read our guide on how to measure yourself for a chastity cage