Everything you Need to Know About Sissies

sissy with pink hair wearing a pink and white school girl costume

The term “sissy” has been used in the past as an insult to ridicule boys and men that aren’t masculine, perceiving them as weak or feminine. The term has been reclaimed by some, using the word as a source of self-empowerment and pride. Keep on reading to learn more about what it means to be a sissy and how you can become one if you are interested.

What does it mean to be a sissy?

Being a sissy can vary depending on the person. It can be expressed through things such as behaviour, clothing and speech that reject traditional masculine norms. As this is unique to each individual, there is no strict definition of being a sissy as everyone will have their own perception on the matter.

Ways for sissies to express themselves

Clothing and Fashion

Sissies can express themselves with their fashion, wearing clothes that masculine men wouldn’t typically wear. Here are some examples of how a sissy can use fashion and clothing as a form of self-expression:

  • Skirts
  • G-strings
  • High heels
  • Crop tops
  • Mesh clothing
  • Clothing in feminine colours
  • Short shorts
  • Lingerie
  • Accessories like earrings or necklaces that women would typically wear

Behaviour and Activities

Sissies can express themselves through the way they act and different activities they choose to participate in. Here are some example of things that sissies can do to express themselves:

  • Exaggerated feminine gestures, speech patterns and vocabulary
  • Dancing in non-masculine styles
  • Feminine self-care such as shaving body hair
  • Wearing makeup
  • Wearing wigs or growing out hair
  • Taking on roles that women traditionally would

Sissies and sexuality

Some people find that expressing themselves as a sissy is sexually empowering and stimulating. Here are some ways that sissies can express themselves in sexual settings.

Dressing as a sissy for the bedroom

Here are some options for how to dress to impress as a sissy:

  • Wearing a feminine outfit is the perfect way for a sissy to express themselves with just one look. Skirts, dresses and heels are all great choices depending on your personal taste. Wearing lingerie or a nice g-string is a great way to turn up the heat and really get your partner’s attention when your clothes start to come off.
  • Makeup is a sissies best friend, as when applied properly it can enhance or create the illusion of feminine features while taking away focus from masculine ones or covering them up completely. Whether you choose to go with a seductive, smokey look or a bright and energetic makeup look, you’ll be able to blow your partner’s breath away.

Sissies and chastity

Chastity is a fetish that is connected to the BDSM community where willing participants wear a chastity device, such as a cage or a belt, to prevent themselves from getting an erection and being able to touch themselves. This makes it hard, no pun intended, to be able to sexually stimulate yourself or ejaculate while in chastity.

Being a sissy and wearing chastity go really well together. This is because wearing a chastity device is submitting all control of your sexual pleasure, and being a sissy usually means that you choose to take on a submissive, feminine role as a sexual partner. A sissy in chastity is the perfect embodiment of a submissive partner.

Not all chastity cages are made equal though, which means you need to find a chastity cage designed for sissies. Here are some different cages that are suited for sissies to wear:

Pink Resin Chastity Cage

This chastity cage features an iconic, classic design in a beautiful pastel pink. One look at this cage and you know that it was meant for sissies to wear. Made from resin, it is quite lightweight and can easily be worn for extended periods of time

Pink Silicone Chastity Cage

This chastity cage is exactly the same as the resin cage, just made using silicone instead. Silicone is the most flexible and soft material for cages, making this a good choice for beginners. It also comes in hot pink for sissies that prefer a bolder, brighter look.

Pink Resin Nub Chastity Cage

This chastity cage will really show off how much of a sissy you are due to its size. After you put it on, you will be left with a pretty pink nub. As this cage is quite small, you should get used to being in chastity before trying this one out.

Petal Prison Chastity Cage

Metal chastity cages are usually reserved for men due to their tendency to be bulkier. It features an elegant cage design, making it a great choice for sissies wanting to wear a metal cage for a change.

The Flat Ring

Just like the nub, this is a cage that is for sissies that have experience with chastity. Not only is it tiny, it also features a slit that resembles a vagina for heightened expression.


Despite its complex and negative history, being a sissy can now be seen as a positive and empowering thing. Whether you want to be a sissy in the bedroom or in your daily life, there are many different ways for you to express yourself based on your personal interests.