Cobra Chastity Cage Review


With recent surges in the popularity of chastity, newcomers may feel overwhelmed when they start to look into beginning their chastity adventure. This is because there are just so many different cages to choose from these days! This article intends to take a few minutes of your time to reflect on a specific chastity cage, the Cobra Chastity Cage.

The refinement of chastity cage production has benefited the community in many ways. We now have access to a wider range of materials like silicone and 3D printed chastity cages, instead of just injection moulded plastic. The craftsmanship of cages has also improved vastly, providing us with new and exciting designs as well as improved wearability - a lot less pinching!

About the Cobra Chastity Cage

The Cobra Chastity cage is a good example of the modernisation of chastity cages as it combines the previously mentioned aspects to make a high quality chastity cage. The sleek, lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear. The edges of the cage are smooth, reducing the risk of pinching or having a part of the cage dig into your skin uncomfortably. The design is unique, allowing the Cobra to stand out in the ever growing sea of chastity cages available for purchase.

The Design of the Cobra Chastity Cage

The Cobra is comprised of two main components:

  • The uniquely designed cage
  • The slim base ring

The Cobra locks the wearer in chastity by putting their penis into the cage, which is then attached to the base ring and locked. Unlike normal chastity cages, the Cobra has three attachment locations for the cage to lock itself in place. One of these is the keyhole attachment, with the other two holes found on either side of the key. This makes the Cobra feel a lot more secure.

The Cobra has a streamlined design, which adds aesthetic appeal as well as functionality for the wearer. Not only does the Cobra look great, but the smooth and comfortable material combined with the breathability of the design make it feel great as well. The Cobra is especially suited for men who don’t want to spend every waking moment remembering the fact that they’ve been locked up, thanks to its lightweightedness and comfortability.

Review of the Cobra Chastity Cage

The Cobra seems to be the perfect cage for men who find themselves enamoured with its design, or for men who want a breathable, lightweight cage to wear. Let’s go over the main benefits of using a Cobra Chastity Cage as well as anything that you need to be aware of when using one:

  • The Cobra is made of a smooth, comfortable material. This reduces the risk of skin being pinched when putting the cage on and while you are wearing it.
  • The Cobra is lightweight and will not make you feel like it is weighing you down. This is a great selling point based on the wearer’s personal preference,
  • The cage component of the Cobra is quite open. You can easily use the toilet and wash yourself in the shower while being locked up.
  • The cage component has three attachment points, keeping it securely attached. The cage won’t shift around if you start to experience an erection like other cages that use pins to attach the cage to the base ring.

The only thing to be cautious about when wearing your Cobra is breaking it. The design is very slim by nature, so avoid putting weight on it where you can and ensure that you aren’t too rough when handling it. If you have strong erections even when caged, make sure you are generous with what size you buy.

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