Chastity Key Ideas

woman wearing anklet with key on it suggesting its a chastity key

Now that you’ve gotten yourself a chastity cage from our store and locked it up, you may be thinking of what to do with the key. In this article, we’ll go over ways to keep your key safely out of reach to make sure you can’t let yourself out whenever you feel like it (or to keep the keys safe from your potentially sneaky sub). No matter what you decide to do with the main key, it is always important to have a backup key that is easily accessible in case there’s an emergency.

Solo chastity key ideas

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a keyholder, so here are some ideas for what you can do with your keys if you don’t have a master.

Time’s up

You can find little lockboxes with timers on them, allowing you to say goodbye to your key for as long as you want. With the initial excitement of wearing your cage, you’ll be able to set a reasonably long timer on the box to make sure that you’re counting down the seconds until the timer ends.

You’ve got key-mail

If you’re daring enough, you can pack your key in an envelope and mail it to yourself. There’s even the chance that your mail gets delayed, leaving you to do nothing but check the tracking hoping that your key gets delivered to you.

Iced out

You can get creative with this one, as you’ll be freezing your key in ice. Find a suitable sized ice tray or vessel to fill up with water, fill it halfway and then freeze it. Once the water has frozen, put your key in and top up with water so that your key gets trapped in the middle of the ice. When you’re really desperate to be unlocked, you’ll have to wait for the ice to melt first and you can even use the ice for temperature play to help the ice melt (and for the extra teasing of course).

Partner chastity key ideas

Any master loves an enthusiastic sub, so what better way to show them how eager you are to submit than by suggesting how they can withhold the keys to your freedom.

Lucky charm

Your master may find keeping your keys on them a bit mundane if it’s just in their pockets, wallet or purse so why not turn the key into a charm of sorts. Buy them a nice chain, or give them one if you have a spare one lying around, which they can then use to turn your key into a cute accessory. Your chastity key could become a necklace, bracelet or even an accessory for their keyring, allowing them to symbolically wear your submission as a fashion statement.

Lady luck

Why not turn your freedom into a game of chance? You can make up your own rules for this game, so we’ll provide you with an example that you can follow or customise.

  • Rolling a pair of sixes lets you roll a single die for freedom, hope you don’t get a 1!
  • Rolling snake eyes lets you roll a single die (or both if you’re a good sub) for days locked up without rolling, pray that you don’t get the double six now!
  • Rolling high (7-11) means you can roll the dice again the next day
  • Rolling low (2-6) means you have to wait two days before you can roll the dice

You could also make an alternative to this using cards, where you let your sub pick a card from a deck and create rules for each card drawn.

Competitive nature

Turn your freedom into a prize and go head to head with your keyholder. Your master will decide on what you compete in and how long (or short) your freedom lasts if you do happen to best them. Here are some examples of activities you can use for your competition:

  • Video games
  • Board games
  • Logical puzzles
  • Trivia/quiz
  • Racing each other
  • Endurance test


While chastity is already fun, you can definitely add more excitement to it by switching up what you do with the key after the cage is locked. Give some of our ideas a try but whatever you do, make sure you always have a spare key in case the main one gets lost, damaged or you need to be urgently unlocked and don’t want to smash your timed lockbox!