Chastity Games for Locked Lovers


Chastity games are the perfect way to add more fun to your chastity play! It’s also a perfect way to bond with your keyholder and learn more about each other sexually.

These games will keep you excited, make you play for your freedom or even make you enjoy being locked up more!

How Chastity Games Enhance Your Chastity Play

Chastity games will make you anticipate freedom, or make your time locked up even more worth it. Games can be unpredictable, with outcomes based on the roll of a die or the next card drawn. Adding this element of randomness will really enhance your chastity play, as you may find that you stay locked for another week as luck just wasn’t on your side 

Here’s how chastity games can make your chastity play more interesting:

  • You can enjoy the spontaneity created by the unpredictability of the game you play.
  • Chastity games are a good way for people who are new to chastity to explore. They may help a sub wearer become more comfortable with being caged, while new keyholders can learn how to exercise their control in a fun way.
  • You don’t necessarily need a partner, some games are great for solo play too.
  • You can customise games to your liking, adding or removing rules to fit your needs or make them even more fun for you and your partner.

Prepare for the Games

Now that you know what to expect, it’s time to get ready for the games to begin. Get your favourite chastity cage and lock yourself up before the game starts, then choose a game that both you and your partner would like to play.

Here’s a list of different games for you to play:


This game will let the keyholder enjoy watching their sub struggle, while they learn more about what their sub likes and how they think. The keyholder will give their sub the choice to do a task for them or spend more time locked in their cage. This is the perfect game for sadomasochistic keyholders to play with their subs, as they can present their sub with torturous options to pick between.

Luck of the Dice

This is a very customisable game for people that love rolling dice. Simply grab two or three dice (or as many as you want) and set rules for what each die roll means.

Here are some examples of what you can use dice rolls for:

  • Time locked in the cage, using intervals between 10 minutes to an hour (or more)
  • Time free from the cage
  • Privileges while unlocked
  • Different sexual acts to be performed by the sub
  • Different tasks for the sub to complete

Let your imagination run wild and add your own rules to make this a fun, unpredictable game that you can play over and over again.

Keyholder‘s Quiz Night

In this game, the keyholder will quiz their sub on anything they want. After the sub has been locked up for a while and is begging for freedom is the perfect time for a quiz night. Each answer the sub gets right will see them enjoy freedom for a little bit longer, and the keyholder can even add a penalty for any incorrect answers.

Here are some examples of quiz topic ideas:

  • Quiz on the keyholder
  • Quiz on a favourite show
  • Quiz on a favourite game
  • Quiz on general trivia

The keyholder can give their sub time to prepare, or they can keep the topic of their quiz a secret until it’s quiz night.

Chastity Treasure Hunt

The sub will have to use their wits and intuition and find the key to their freedom, literally. In this game the keyholder will hide your key somewhere, leaving you with the task of finding it within the set time limit. The keyholder will hide clues that take the sub on a journey, filling them with anticipation as they get closer and closer to finding their key.

Cards of Fate

Card games rely on pure luck, perfect for chastity lovers that love a game of chance. Assign different outcomes, both good and bad, to cards in the deck. Shuffle the deck once you’re done and then draw a card.

This is a great game to play over a long period of time, as the keyholder can set how much time passes until the next card is drawn. This will make your sub excited and anxious for what the deck of cards has in store for them.

Climax on the Clock

Deep yearning is explored in this game too. Your keyholder puts you on time to carry out a task, like when you have to orgasm. Every minute or second you exceed the set time leads to an extension on lockdown. You want to cum so hard, and your keyholder wants to see it happen.

This is a perfect game for keyholder’s to make their sub’s play when they have been locked up for a long time. The keyholder will unlock their sub, setting a time limit for them to orgasm. If they can’t do this before the time is up, they will be locked up again until the keyholder decides to let them try again.

If the keyholder wants to see you struggle, they can make the task of orgasming even harder for their sub. Here are some examples of restrictions for the sub:

  • Only using a vibrator on their penis
  • Hands are bound/cuffed
  • Anal orgasm only
  • No lube allowed
  • Can only masturbate slowly

Feel free to come up with your own devilish restrictions to make this game extra interesting.

On Ice 

Have your sub dripping with anticipation with this game. Freeze the key to their cage in an ice cube, make sure to use extra large freezing trays if you want the game to last for longer. When the ice is completely frozen, take it out and start the game.

The keyholder can put their sub to the test, giving them orders or tasks to complete while the ice is melting. If the sub pleases their keyholder and the key is freed from the ice, they too will be freed. If they fail a task or displease their keyholder, the key may find itself back in the freezer to restart the game once the ice is fully frozen.

Considerations for Playing Chastity Games

Make sure your chastity games are fair for both parties, otherwise one of you may have a bad experience and not want to partake in future chastity play.

The keyholder and the sub must agree on the rules being set, otherwise the game won’t be fun. Forcing your partner to play a game with unfair rules, or a game that they don’t want to play, is a bad idea and can damage your relationship.

Having an extra key on hand is a good precaution to follow, just in case the key gets damaged or lost during a game. If an emergency comes up, the keyholder will be able to unlock their sub immediately instead of having to melt a block of ice or go and find it after it’s been hidden.

For games that require the sub to be locked up beforehand, it is important that they take care after themselves while in chastity. This includes good hygiene and making sure that the cage fits correctly to prevent loss of blood flow or injuries.

Now that you have a few options to pick between, get into gaming mode and have some fun!