Best Chastity Cages

Each year we at Chastity Cages Australia help thousands of customers find the right cage for their needs. With 100s of types of styles, sizes, material types and even colours for chastity cages it can be a daunting task for finding the right chastity cage to fit your goals. In this guide we’ll help you understand the best chastity cages based on the most common scenarios using our experience and most popular cages we sell. Be sure to read through all of this guide to find out the most popular chastity cage in Australia.

Best Small Chastity Cage

pink nub chastity cage

If you’re wanting to feel as tightly locked as possible, the Nub Resin Chastity Cage is for all but the most extreme chastity cage enthusiasts. With a compact construction which still retains smooth well designed edges, this is a great cage for those wanting to explore smaller cages before going to extreme niche micro cages.

Best Metal Chastity Cage

metal cage sitting on base

As many associate metal with strong, sturdy design our best seller in this category is the Steel Breeze Chastity Cage. Made from a thick cast metal design, this metal chastity cage will stand the test of time and you’ll have no fear in ever being able to break this cage intentionally or by accident.

Best Chastity Cage for Comfort

pink ergonomic chastity cage

It says it in the name but the best chastity cage focused on comfort is easily the Ergonomic Resin Chastity Cage. With rounded smooth edges and integrated locking system, this chastity cage can provide the best possible comfort while being firmly locked allowing for the best long term wear. If you’re looking for a smaller version, many people don’t realise that the Nub and Nano resin ranges are a downscaled version of these cages providing the comfort at a smaller overall fit.


Best Urethral Chastity Cage

metal urethral chastity cage

The Nub Cap Chastity Cage takes the lead in this category providing both a small and tight setup for the cage design, with a detachable urethral device. This slimline design is ideal for outdoor wear and can be easily switched between urethral or general chastity use providing excellent value.

Best Novelty Chastity Cage 

There’s no doubt with this category that the best novelty chastity cage must go to the Golden Tiger Chastity Cage. With an all metal construction in a high quality golden finish, you’ll certainly turn heads with anyone seeing you caged in this tiger cage. Surprisingly what might seem as a novelty is also popular with our customers who are surprised at finding such a unique and quality cage of this style.

Best Overall Chastity Cage

gridlock chastity cage

Providing the best overall balance of material quality, comfortable design and sizes available, it’s unsurprising that Gridlock Chastity Cage is our most popular cage available. This chastity integrates the best features of all cages integrating multiple rings, integrated lock, smooth rounded edges and a breathable design for those looking for long term wear. No matter what part of chastity appeals to you the Gridlock Cage will make a valuable part of your collection.

How do I choose the best chastity cage?

Like most things in life, the best chastity cage will depend on the person. Before you make a purchase of your chastity cage you will want to consider what features you’re looking for including:

  • What material is it made from?
  • How does it lock?
  • Do you want something that feels firm and heavy like metal, or something I won’t notice like resin?
  • Do you prefer certain colours?
  • Are you looking for something smaller or larger?
  • What ring sizes are available?
  • Do you want unique features like spikes or urethral attachements?

As a general rule of thumb plastic, resin and silicone chastity cages will be the most lightweight and allow the user to ‘forget’ they’re wearing the cage, whereas with a metal chastity cage it is more likely to be continually noticeable which may impact long term wear.

If you’re buying your first cage, consider not buying the smallest cages first and work your way towards it. There’s a little bit of finesse required in putting on a chastity cage initially but you’ll quickly get used to it. In general most first time users can get away with using a small size cage, but may need to practice before using a nub or nano size cage.

With rings, the most popular size is the 40mm base, with the 45mm being the larger variant – if you’re unsure on the best sizing for you read our sizing guide to get a better understanding on ring sizes.

If you’re having any trouble choosing the best chastity cage, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.