A Night With Dom

group of men facing a dimly lit bar with alcohol on the wall


Tonight was turning out to be a total disaster. I had planned to go out for some drinks with friends but they had cancelled on me at the last minute. I get that things happen but it would have been great if they told me half an hour ago when I was still at home. When I got the message, I was already in line to get into the club. I was deciding on whether or not I wanted to stay, eventually choosing to stay out and not completely waste my night.

“Yeah, thanks guys.” I mumbled to myself before putting my phone away. After getting into the club, I headed straight to the bar to get a drink. The club was pretty busy tonight, maybe I’d get lucky and meet someone nice to take my mind off of my friends ditching me.

I went to the bar to get myself my second drink for the night. I was getting my bank app open on my phone and right when I was about to pay, someone had come over and paid for my drink. I looked up to see a tall, handsome man who was smiling at me.

“I’m Dominic, and you are?”

“Marco, thanks for the drink.” I replied, smiling at him.

I followed him to where his friends were sitting, which was far enough away from the music so we could actually hear each other. They were out celebrating Dominic’s new promotion and I explained what had happened with my group of friends.

“Well it’s a good thing I’m here to keep you company then.” Dominic said, rubbing the inside of my leg as he whispered in my ear. I immediately started to get hard, crossing my legs as soon as he moved his hand to hide my erection. He noticed this and smirked at me which was so embarrassing, I had to look away and finish my drink to calm myself down.

Dominic’s friends slowly left throughout the night until it was just us. I wasn’t sure if anything was going to happen so I started thinking about heading home. He looked over at my phone and saw that I was about to confirm an uber.

“What was that for?” I asked, slightly shocked that he had just taken my phone from me.

“Go to the toilet and put this on if you want to come home with me.” Dominic whispered in my ear before handing me a small velvet pouch along with my phone. I had no idea what was inside and curiosity got the better of me.

“What’s inside?” I asked, hoping he would tell me.

“Go and find out for yourself” He smirked at me again, his expression telling me that he knew I was going to do as he said.

I got into a toilet and locked it behind me, opening the pouch to find a sleek, black chastity cage. I had seen them online but never in real life and the idea of wearing it for Dominic seemed really hot. After calming myself down and looking up some instructions, I took a deep breath and pushed my package through the base ring. I made sure to attach the cage quickly as I was starting to get excited again, locking the cage in place and putting the keys back into the pouch.

“What am I getting myself into?” I thought to myself. I had only met Dominic about an hour ago and here I was locking myself in chastity for the first time in my life so I could go home with him. I looked down at my shorts before leaving, exhaling in relief that the chastity cage didn’t look too obvious.

“Hey Dominic, I’m back.” I said quietly as I handed him back the pouch.

“Good boy, are you ready to leave?” He asked as he lightly rubbed against the cage. I nodded slowly, trying to keep myself under control. Everything about this man was turning me on and the chastity cage made my sexual frustration more intense. I could feel my cock pushing against the cage as it tried to get hard, half of me wanting to take it off with the other half wanting to keep it on to see how horny I would get throughout the night.

Dominic gently grabbed my hand, leading me out of the club. He had driven in so we walked a couple of minutes to his car, which I was thankful for. He was driving me crazy and I wouldn’t want to be around an uber driver while I was in this state of mind. Dominic opened the car door on my side, closing it behind me.

The drive back to his house was pretty quiet, but I felt like the sexual tension inside me was going to explode. His free hand was resting on my leg, teasing my inner thighs and sometimes grabbing my locked up cock. I couldn’t describe the feeling but it felt so good being denied an erection like this.

Dominic took me straight to the bedroom after we got to his lavish house. Dominic pushed me onto the bed before ripping my clothes off, I usually wasn’t into being manhandled but I definitely made an exception for this. He took off his clothes to reveal a muscular build, his arms were probably bigger than my legs!

“Call me Dom from now on” He ordered in his deep voice, sending a chill down my spine. He started to kiss me, grabbing the chastity cage while pinning me down with the weight of his body.

“Do you like being a locked up boy for me?” Dom whispered in between kisses.

I told him how much I was enjoying it and that I had never done it before tonight, trying to catch my breath in between all the kissing and moaning. Dom flipped me over onto my stomach, which is when I felt his strong hands grope my ass before spanking it. He parted my cheeks before diving in, kissing all over my ass before teasing my hole with his tongue. It felt so amazing but part of me wished I was jacking off right now.

“Hey Dom, when do I get to take this off?” I asked, trying not to moan too much as he continued to pleasure me.

“When I say so.” He said sternly, using his fingers to replace his tongue. I moaned as he stretched me out slowly, mentally counting how many fingers he was using. He knew how to use his fingers, and the precum oozing out of my chastity cage agreed. He stopped briefly, which made me turn around to see him lubing his cock up.

I’m glad he took his time fingering me because his cock was pretty thick. I moaned as he slowly pushed the head inside, with the rest of his cock sliding in shortly after. Even after all of that foreplay his cock made my ass feel tight!

I couldn’t contain my moans as he pleasured me with his fat cock, my legs trembling with every thrust.

“You sound like you’re enjoying yourself Marco.” He whispered in my ear teasingly. I was trying to think of something to counter his remark but all I could focus on was my cock. I have no idea why it felt so good being trapped in a cage, unable to get hard properly, but this was the most turned on I have been in my entire life.

“Tell me how much you like being locked up for me.” Dom ordered while he started to pound my ass harder and faster.

“I love … being locked up … for you Dom.” He didn’t make it easy but I eventually managed to answer him in between moans.

“Good boy, you’re going to make me blow soon.” Dom grunted out. 

He maintained a fast and steady rhythm for a while, his grunts of pleasure slowly getting louder. I could tell he was close, and I felt like I was too with his cock constantly hitting my prostate.

“Fuck I’m so close!” I moaned out

Dom started to fuck me even harder, which is when I felt his cum flow into me. He thrusted hard into me until every last drop of his cum was in my ass. As hot as this was, I had never been so sexually frustrated before. Just a few more seconds and I would have finished too.

Dom kissed my neck before pulling out, going to the bathroom to quickly clean himself up.

“Here you go Marco.” He said, handing me a towel for me to clean myself up with.

“Can I take this cage off now? I really need to cum.” I asked desperately, putting the towel aside.

Dom smirked as he laid down next to me, grabbing onto the cage.

“How about you keep it on for me, seeing how much you loved wearing it while I was fucking you.” He said as he looked into my eyes. Hearing him say that made me realise how much I loved submitting to Dom, and wearing a chastity cage was the ultimate expression of my submission to him.

“Okay, I will.” I answered in a hushed voice, nodding lightly.

“Perfect, you’re such a good boy.” He grinned at me before wrapping his muscular arms around me until we both fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning feeling a bit strange, looking down to remember that I was still wearing a chastity cage. No morning wood for me either, I mused to myself as I sat up in Dom’s bed to check my phone.

I started to wonder where he was, which is when he returned to the room with breakfast he had cooked for me.

“I don’t usually do this, but I have to look after you if you’re going to be my sub.” He said, smiling at me as he handed over the plate of food. We chatted as I ate, until I decided that I should head off. We covered some boundaries and how I can get in touch with him if there was an emergency before he walked me out.

“Don’t miss me too much.” Dom teased, pulling out the key to my chastity cage and kissing it. I could feel my dick start to throb in its cage, which made me hit him lightly.

“When can I see you again? I can already tell that chastity is going to make me very needy if you get what I mean.”

“Just message me when you need me and we’ll work things out.” He said, kissing my forehead.

I got home and decided to brag to my friends, to let them know that I still had a good time and that I had met an amazing man too. I may have left out the fact that I was now his sub and locked in a chastity cage, but they didn’t need to know that.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, all I did was finish up some housework with the constant reminder of my submission to Dom in the form of a chastity cage. Surprisingly, it was comfortable to wear and I sometimes forgot I was wearing it. Unsurprisingly, when I remembered I was wearing it I became extremely horny. I contemplated messaging Dom for a while, finally deciding to give in.

“He did say to message him when I needed him after all.” I thought to myself, and even though I was just at his house this morning I needed him. Lust clouded my mind and Dom was the only person in the world who could clear my head. I decided to get his attention with more than just a message, taking a seductive photo on my hands and knees with my legs spread enough that he would be able to see the ring of my chastity cage.

“Thought you’d appreciate the view.” I captioned my text, sending it without hesitating. 

“You need me so soon? I won’t lie, I expected you to message me earlier.” He replied, with a wink emoji at the end to taunt me.

“Haha, so did you want to come over then?” I was now a little anxious.

“Of course, it sounds like you need me to take care of something. I’ll leave in 5.”

I sent him my address and before I knew it, Dom was at my front door. I quickly took him to my bedroom and took off his clothes to find his cock hard and ready for me.

“I guess you needed me too.” I joked before pulling him onto my bed and kissing him.


Author: Alison 

I hope you enjoyed reading about Dom and Marco as much as I did writing it. If you'd like to experience being caged just like Marco check out the Black Resin Chastity Cage I sell on my store. (if you want to be 100% accurate, buy the size small just like Marco wore)